Sooo, happy and sad day today.

Rikki (my beetle) is gone….But! I bought this pretty girl to replace her today!



And it sucks.


I just felt the need to get out of myself…

You drive me nuts, in the good way.
I appreciate your presence in my life, and when it comes to our friendship above all else? There’s very very few things I cherish more.

And who knows!? Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve to tell you.

Anonymous whispered: Do you know of a good site i can get some fire eating supplies from? or just the torches.


Although I do have to say from the get go, that I’ve never flat out bought a set of torches for eating. I’ve always made my own. Feel free to message me privately off anon, and I’ll explain all that if you’d like to give it a shot!!

Aside from making them yourself, the most popular supplier for premade torches would probably be Trick Concepts. I know a lot of artists that use them religiously. [[I have tried them before, they’re great and I think they’d be good for a beginner. -I just still preferred making them myself.]] And you can find those right here!!

If you’re just getting into fire arts etc. make sure you have all of your safety equipment covered as well. [No spinning alone, or practicing without a second person there.] For possible incidents the basics of what you’ll safety wise are going to be:

-Fire Blanket [A MUST. You really don’t want to spray a person down with an extinguisher, and the ones that are used on people -water based= no good on burning fuel] You can use a fire blanket to put out props [just wrap them in it to smother the fire]. Or in the event that a person has a smaller area, a safety can easily run in with it to put out the fire. [really just get a large one, you’ll be glad you did] It’ll become your best friend basically.

-Fire Extinguisher [You’re going to want an ABC extinguisher, you can get a water based one for incidents where I person is on fire-but remember you can’t use it for a fuel based fire. Which is the most common type of fire when it comes to fire performing, so make sure if you can only have one? That it’s an ABC- CO2 based extinguisher.]

You’ll also want to have designated dip//spin off jars…. best bet here actually let me link you to the Home of Poi fire training and safety lessons//info. Here.

You can find the safety gear at Trick Concepts as well as Home of Poi.

[If you go the Home of Poi route put in Raychan as a coupon code for 15% off!]


Also oddly in the mood to write some letters! More unpacking today and I found all of my old stationary, be my pen pal? Seriously just message me your address and it’ll go in the mail tomorrow >.> WRITE BACK. Snail mail is fun ok u.u

So (my car) Rikki’s back in the shop u.u No playing around this time, so I took her straight to the VW dealership. Hopefully in the morning their techs will be able to figure it out and I’ll have transportation again by the afternoon.
= lost a day at work, but luckily enough was able to get a hold of someone to cover the shift.

In the meantime?

Getting out frustration by spending some much needed time with my sketchbooks. ((WIP)) AND question before I start nailing down her features to start making her realistic…should I aim to do this all graphite? Some ink wash? Watercolor? Suggestions! Please?

Hopefully, your day,//night is going well! You should get in touch! Hop in the ask and tell me what’s going on in your life lately! I wanna know! ((And I’m a fail who keeps meaning to attack your inboxes and forgetting u.u))

Closed the store with Alex tonight, and then we came home for roommate bonding night. Currently in progress with our other roomie Lesley!

Hope you’re all having a great night too!

Made a restock run today, sent Alex a text to let him know.

Hurry up and get off work u.u

Make it home from work finally, and get slightly confused when Alex isn’t in his room. Open the door to mine and who’s passed out in my bed with Adventure Time going?

After getting some pretty upsetting news about a very close family friend last night, best friend was kind enough to stay up with me and make sure I wasn’t alone. Woke up in bed by myself this morning, and went out to the living room….and he was ordering pizza. So now nomz and That 70s Show beforei head into work.

Have a good day guys

On the way back from driving Joclynn up to Aurora, get this picture as a text from Alex. Came home to a bowl and some dabs. I am all the happy.

Anonymous whispered: ur friend is v cute plz make sure they know that

I can do that xD which friend?

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