It is what it is.

In the last week alone I’ve been stopped by store owners, customers, drive through workers, store workers, and other random strangers so that they could thank me for being so happy/cheerful all the time. Or to ask why I am always that way.

It’s getting to the point where I’m not sure if I should be worried? Or if I should continue along in my constant smiling, giggling, sphere of happy. I like to be happy,I like happy things, and I like to think I live my life in a way conducive to continuing and creating even more happy//positive things.

I’m just happy! It is what it is.

And more//larger versions of some pics from our adventure driving to the summit of Pikes Peak yesterday.(Along with some from pulling over and hiking out a bit.)

It was a blast, I actually climbed out/down to the edge. Which initially I said fuck no to, thanks to all the snow. But eventually Alex talked me into it, and guided me down. And then a nice lady offered to take a picture of us when we were trying to figure who’d crawl in first. Went in after him and nearly busted it on the ice. He caught me and pulled me up and she snapped the pictures. So that explains the stupid grins on our faces and probably his death grip on my arms lol.

Was sick yesterday so sadly trip to Texas this weekend didn’t happen u.u BUT today we did drive to the top of Pikes Peak! And got in a little off trail hiking//smoke session :)

Just got the message!!!!

From the owner//founder of UIF, guess who’s the new branch manager for Up In Flames Entertainment-CO?

This chick right here


So the other night we mini road tripped it to Fort Collins to see Kiwi. Down in the basscave we’re all talking, and Alex is managing to get random facts and stories about me out of Keanu. And then he laid this one out in response to a question Alex asked.

"Ray has the lowest tolerance for drugs, with the exception of weed, that I’ve ever seen in anyone ever. BUT that doesn’t stop her!"

And we all laugh….
I feel like that’s my life in general though, all kinds of things working NOT in my favor, but they never stop me.

I just fuck up occasionally and keep chugging along until I get what I’m aiming for. Hi I’m Ray.

[[On another note! Friday Alex and I are roadtripping down to Texas, should be interesting!]]

Just spotted this one! Had so much fun at FreeMan this year with the flowfam and the CO EDM fam. Thanks in huge levels for letting us come out and light up for you guys! And thanks Tyler for catching some video of us while you were filming!!

[You can see BestFrand -Joclynn- spinning at 0:28, and me standing behind her confused as mess for a second lol. Jay is spinning at 0:48 . Andddd you get a little fire poi from me at 1:51, warning I look like mess that was day 2 of 3 at like 4AM after no sleep.] We actually had pretty much the whole troupe there spinning, 10 people, and I’m kinda bummed everyone didn’t make it to the vid? But! Still happy that some of us did at least. Up In Flames is taking over friends ♥

Have a great day!!!

Mermaid Moment

Getting ready to watch AHS with Alex, and he’s on the bed messing with his laptop when he stops…”Rachel why is there a fork on your bed?”
“I had a Little Mermaid moment earlier…”
“You what?”
“I was trying to comb my hair…>.>”

Not really, totally had a hot pocket right before he got home. Little Mermaid sounded more interesting.

Meant to post this yesterday! But time escaped u.u

This adorable little 6 mo. old Russian Blue came to live with us as of yesterday morning! Still not 100% on her name…they called her Mango. She doesn’t seem fond of it.

So now we’re kinda torn between Mala or Coki (two of my fave edm producers), BB (Bonnie Bennett), or LN (like Ellen, for Little Nug). Any votes or ideas?

Gaming and a mini sing along from Alex lol.

Finished errands and all of the big kid stuff, so now it’s time to curl up in the comfy space with good company!

And! Little restock day, still haven’t either one of my other two o.pen vape batteries since the move lol. Luckily they’re pretty inexpensive, so replaced those today!

Have a great afternoon//night



More shots from the spin session/practice I did for Sky! 

[Feel free to reblog but please don’t re-upload! I worked hard spinning, and she worked hard shooting!]


Thank you!!!

Yaye for late night selfies that you forgot about!


American Horror Story: Freak Show | 4x01 Monsters Among Us

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Late night confession time.

Totally thought I was dreaming this morning when I woke up to Alex coming into my room at 6AM in nothing but his sleep shorts. So, like the strange one I am I actually figured screw it, dreaming, enjoy view.

Until he went to leave my room a few minutes later, and stopped in my door on his way out to ask if I wanted to come along for morning smoke.

Straight up stared him down, because aesthetically pleasing and I thought I was dreaming. Only to realize no, really was awake, really did happen. And I just oogled him like a full on creep.

The happy here is obviously he didn’t//doesn’t mind :) and he found it entertaining.