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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Late night confession time.

Totally thought I was dreaming this morning when I woke up to Alex coming into my room at 6AM in nothing but his sleep shorts. So, like the strange one I am I actually figured screw it, dreaming, enjoy view.

Until he went to leave my room a few minutes later, and stopped in my door on his way out to ask if I wanted to come along for morning smoke.

Straight up stared him down, because aesthetically pleasing and I thought I was dreaming. Only to realize no, really was awake, really did happen. And I just oogled him like a full on creep.

The happy here is obviously he didn’t//doesn’t mind :) and he found it entertaining.

Basically our day currently. I’m over here playing L4D2 on Steam, and he’s come in just to pass out in my bed before he works at 4.

Life is just happy guys. Hope you’re having a good one!


So after over a month of them being MIA, I had to make a video to get out the happy earlier today- and knock out my video for this month troupe wise.

Hopefully you enjoy despite the rustiness! Have a great night♥

Dinner time!!!!


Watching TVD with roomie, when she decides to order Chinese. Asks if I want anything I just want rice. Which is when she realizes it’s cheaper to get the meal.

Me: “They don’t have a ‘sides’ thing or something?” And without skipping a beat….
Elena on TVD: “There are no SIDES, Bonnie.”
Lesley: *still hunting the menu* “No…there really aren’t!”

Late night solo smoke session.

Le roomies are asleep, and I’m wide the heck awake. As usual. u.u


So tonight Lesley (one of my roommates) stops in my room for a second to say “Oh! I figured out why Alex isn’t sleeping in here with you, because the other night I assumed he was and I was gonna snag the couch cushions… He said he was staying in there because Elsa (my short tailed opposum) keeps him up.”

Elsa’s recently discovered the joy that is her wheel, and will run it from midnight to 7am. Instead of saying something or asking me to move her, he sleeps in the living room. And now I feel bad u.u

They’re playing Brawl, and I’m just filling the other side of the couch with Alex lol.

Yaye for nights in at home gaming with the roomies.

Had to document Alex grinning ear to ear, and fangirling because he finally found a copy of Pokemon Yellow. (Even though he says it’s because he was laughing at me,not true. He fangirled. Hard. Lol.)

It’s gorgeous out today!!! If it’s the same where you are, go enjoy it!!!

Have a great one!!!

Wearing off on Alex xD Got him snapping nug pics!

Sooo, happy and sad day today.

Rikki (my beetle) is gone….But! I bought this pretty girl to replace her today!